The Blood Pressure Solution Review: The Truth Behind Ken Burge’s Program

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Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is one of the leading causes of strokes and heart attacks, and is unfortunately a common health problem for a good number of the population. What makes this threatening is that hypertension creeps into your health without you even noticing it, until it robs you of your life.

Risk factors such as genetics, weight, lifestyle, and diet all come into play in the development of this silent killer. And the sad part is, medical practitioners say that it cannot be reversed, and the only way to manage hypertension is through lifetime intake of medications, a plethora of medications that have a good number of side effects, which leads to intake of another medication to counter-act the side effects, hence resulting in a vicious cycle.

Now the good news is, there is a way to battle high blood pressure without the drugs by simply tapping into the available resources around you, at your own home, your neighborhood grocery store, or anywhere away from pharmacies. Ken Burge’s The Blood Pressure Solution can teach you just that, and this review will shed light on to what this program has to offer, and whether this is a good investment or not.

The Blood Pressure SolutionOverview of The Blood Pressure Solution

The Blood Pressure Solution is an e-book written by a former hypertensive patient Ken Burge after extensive study on natural remedies for high blood pressure. The program is aimed at reversing your high blood pressure without the use of medications, stopping the disease in a natural way, helping you lose weight, and having renewed energy and vitality to your body.

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How It Works

Burge explains that there are “seven levers” that affect your blood pressure:

  1. The amount of blood in your blood vessels
  2. How thin or think your blood is
  3. The strength of your heart
  4. How fast your heart beats
  5. The flexibility of your blood vessels and arteries
  6. Your weight
  7. Any blocks inside your blood vessels that keeps your blood from flowing normally

He further explains that the prescribed medicines for high blood pressure are formulated to target only one or two of the seven levers, which then follow that another set of medications, are prescribed for the other levers. Moreover, each medication can cause you to feel myriad uncomfortable effects that are also battled by other medications. This results in the intake of so many medications—for life.

What makes this program work is that it aims at improving your lifestyle by opting for natural remedies instead of drugs to treat high blood pressure. Burge iterates a number of foods and herbs that you can incorporate to your diet. For example, garlic is known to help lower blood pressure, which isn’t properly documented in the medical field. He also provides other tips on how to maintain a healthier, stress-free lifestyle.

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Blood Pressure Solution ebookHow Much It Costs and What You Get from the Program

The Blood Pressure Solution program is priced at $77, with a discounted price of $47 for a limited time only. With that, you will get The Blood Pressure Solution instruction manual, plus five other bonuses:

  • 99 foods report
  • Grocery list
  • 21 recipes
  • How to read a food label manual
  • How to monitor your blood pressure manual

This can be immediately downloaded from the Internet, and the offer comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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What We Like About This Program

  • The most evident advantage of this program is that the content is very practical and is from common-sense knowledge, which makes it very relatable to non-medical people.
  • Another thing is that each point is presented in a straightforward and simplified manner. The program basically gives you a step-by-step instruction on how to go about the lifestyle and diet modifications.
  • The most attractive aspect of this program is that it targets not only the blood pressure but also your general well-being, which makes this a very comprehensive program.
  • Remedies are also conveniently available, and this saves you time, energy, and money in acquiring the materials you need for your hypertension treatment.
  • The program also provides a vast option of delicious and healthy food combinations that you can prepare easily. This is a good selling point if you are aiming at diet modification since users are more enticed to eat rather than focusing on what they cannot eat.
  • It also provides excellent tips on how to have renewed energy and vigor. This proves to be very helpful for hypertensive patients who are most of the time stressed with their disease.
  • For $77, the program is very generous in that it provides very helpful supplementary manuals. This is good value for your money, compared to spending so much on medications, doctor’s appointments, and other medical treatment for hypertension.
  • The program is in digital format, which means that it is immediately available for you. It also means that you do not have to spend on shipping fees, as well as waiting for the package to arrive at your doorstep. This makes the program very portable and convenient to use.

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What We Do Not Like About This Program

  • The facts presented in the program are basically not founded on scientific studies. Additionally, the author is not a medical practitioner, which can raise doubts to some customers. However, with common-sense knowledge as common as what is presented in this program, we do think that you do not have to be a doctor to know that. Nor does it follow that you should explain the science of why fruits and vegetables are good for your health.
  • While having the program in digital format can have a lot of advantages, not having a hard copy format can be a con for some. A number of consumers prefer to have the physical copy of the book, which is more tangible than reading through electronic devices. However, you can simply print out your copy of the e-book.

The Blood Pressure Solution ProgramOur Final Verdict

The Blood Pressure Solution is a very comprehensive step-by-step instruction manual that walks you through the natural remedies of high blood pressure. It provides you with so much information on what foods to eat, how you can acquire and prepare these foods, how you can change your lifestyle for the better, and how you can check your blood pressure level the correct way.

The program is excellent in that it not only lowers your blood pressure without the help of medications; it also aids you in having a life that is healthy, happier, and less stressful. That being said, we believe that The Blood Pressure Solution is a must-try program for hypertensive patients.

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